About Yamachan Ramen
Who are we, and what makes us so special

Yamachan Ramen
Noodles for all your needs

We are a family owned company and have been running this business for 18yrs. We produce various high quality, authentic Japanese Noodles for restaurants nationwide with Japanese machinery.

  • We are the only Japanese raw noodle manufacturer that is operated under Japanese management in Northern California.
  • Our market share of Japanese raw noodles is number 1 in Northern California.
  • We have been providing Japanese style raw noodles to the US, Canada, and Latin America since 1990.
  • We manufacture our noodles just like in Japan using Japanese-made machines and techniques.
  • We use top quality flour milled in and imported from the United States, Canada and Japan.
  • We manufacture custom made noodles based on requests.
  • We offer wide varieties of noodles and soups.
  • We produce varieties of retail products including our mild, rich, and non-MSG noodle packages.(Yamachan Ramen Brands)
  • We consult with customers on marketing, menu development, and restaurant operations.